Proposal: Predicting simulator sickness by tracking the users postural sway

Abstract: HMD head-tracking can provide sub-millimeter positional data at sample rates up to 1kHz, which allows us to track minute changes in user posture in realtime. Based on results published by Stoffregen and others, distinct patterns and changes in individual postural sway are correlated with, and precede, motion and simulator sickness. We believe that this could potentially address critical safety and usability concerns for VR.

We hope to be able to provide a building block for VR applications that delivers one or more of the following:

(a) prediction of individual simulator sickness susceptibility based on postural sway at rest and/or in brief, controlled "benchmark experiences",

(b) prediction of possible simulator sickness during an VR experience, with sufficient lead time to modify or end the experience early enough to mitigate or avoid entirely actual nausea, and/or

(c) recognition of imminent simulator sickness "just in time" to end the experience and aid the user in headset removal prior to the user experiencing sickness.

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